Who I am


A Liberal Democrat Snow Flake –

Yes, no hiding it. I believe in Civil Rights and Equal Rights. I believe in Kindness and in Love with no exceptions. As a journalist, whenever I’m narrating facts my goal will always be objectivity and accuracy, and I’m aware that my lenses are those mentioned above. Whenever I’m expressing my opinion, you know where I’m coming from. I believe Freedom of Expression is one of Democracy’s biggest accomplishments as well as its biggest weapon. On that note, one flip side of this great privilege is that lately social media has been inundated with dangerous speech, directly or indirectly inciting hate and violence, instead of dialogue. This snowflake here is always open and welcomes an intelligent and civilized dialogue. We have a world of information to learn from people with different points of view – whereas nothing good can come from hate.

An Immigrant –

A (former?) journalist – I have a bachelor’s degree in Social Communications – Journalism from the University of Brasília, having written and worked for several media outlets, including the Brazilian’s Capital most influential newspaper, the CorreioBraziliense.  During my years as a journalist back in Brazil I had the chance to experience the nuances of many different outlets, from tele-journalism to magazine editing to the then emerging digital media.  Upon our move to the US also came a first career change. Life happens and I found myself as a technical writer, then product manager for a major software company in the Silicon Valley.  However, the curious and inquisitive bug never leaves you.

A mother –

I’m the mother of two amazing young men, 13 and 15 years old. I know how terrible cliché it is to define yourself as a mother and I can’t make any excuses for that, neither I want to. It simply is. Being a mother is a huge part of what I am right now, and has been like that for almost two decades, since we decided to start a family. I do plan do dedicate a session of this blog to these experiences that never crossed our minds, until the moment they take over our entire lives.

I plan to talk to you about my experience through years dealing with miscarriages and treatments. About surviving the immense loss of a child at birth. About keep fighting through odds and fears and finally see it happening! Oh, and of course realizing that all that fighting was only the start. This business of raising human beings is a really serious one, and need to be treated as such.

There are a few books and authors with real insights in this art and I intend to share them with you. They were really important to me, specially because I’m also the mother of a Special Needs child.

My youngest son has Asperger’s Syndrome. I have to fight tooth and nail every step of the way for his education, for his health and many times, simply for his self-esteem and for him to be seen for his many and amazing qualities, not only for his limitations.  The work of some great authors, parent bloggers and advocates taught me how to do it, and I would love to pay it forward.


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